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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges Q & A

Crowns & Bridges Q & A

What are crowns?

Crowns are dental treatments used to repair and protect teeth. Crowns are also sometimes placed on top of dental implants to create a natural-looking tooth. They can also be used as a replacement for a tooth which is not attractive due to staining or damage or provide an natural looking protective covering for tooth which is too damaged or decayed to be repaired with a filling. These dental installations protect teeth from further harm and can improve the appearance of a tooth if it is cracked, stained, broken, or chipped. Porcelain crowns are often preferred because they are color-matched to the neighboring teeth. Crowns are meant to be long lasting. If your crown becomes loose or damaged, our doctors can repair or replace the crown.

Why are crowns applied?

Crowns are used for a variety of cosmetic and restorative services. Some patients will want the uniform appearance that crowns can provide, while others will need crowns to protect and support their teeth. Some of the conditions that crowns are used to treat include:

  • Shield a weak tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Fix a discolored or misshaped tooth
  • Cap a tooth for additional strength and protection following root canal therapy
  • Substitute a large filling
  • Attach a bridge

What is a bridge?

A dental bridge spans, or bridges, a gap due to a missing tooth or teeth. A bridge consists of one or more false teeth attached with crowns to supporting teeth on either side of the gap. The false tooth or teeth is made from either metal alloys, gold, porcelain, or a combination. Bridges are secured to the natural neighboring teeth or dental implants if the patient has had these installed.

What are bridges used for?

Bridges can:

  • Correct your smile
  • Return proper chewing and speaking
  • Sustain shape of the face
  • Fix bite problems
  • Keep remaining teeth from shifting out of place

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