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Tooth Extraction Q & A

When Are Tooth Extractions Needed?

A tooth extraction may be required when a tooth has sustained too much damage to be repaired. Two of the most common reasons for tooth extractions are sudden trauma to the mouth and disease that destroys the viability of the tooth. Another reason for tooth extraction may be tooth crowding. This can be particularly common in young people whose teeth alignment is negatively impacted the eruption of the wisdom teeth. Teeth removed due to over-crowding are usually removed from the back of the mouth.

Is Anesthetic Used in Tooth Extraction?

Yes, anesthetic is typically used in tooth extractions. The type of anesthetic used depends on the type of extraction, but most basic tooth extractions are done under lidocaine or another local anesthetic. Another option for tooth extractions, especially more complicated ones like wisdom teeth removal, is nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas. A mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen is delivered to the patient, which will control pain but still allow them to be awake during the extraction.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Make a Person Feel?

Patients normally describe the sensations of laughing gas as:

  • Extremities feel heavy
  • Calm and relaxed state
  • Sensations of lightheadedness
  • Tingling in extremities
  • Warm feelings
  • Sleepiness at larger doses

Frequently, the dosage used will be fairly small and the patient will not experience feelings of a “dream” state. These sensations can mean the concentration of the gas is too great. If unpleasant sensations take place, such as nausea, it is imperative to inform the dentist so they can adjust the concentration right away.

What happens when I get home?

Following a tooth extraction Dr. Bigelow places stitches and packing in your mouth. He will provide you with specific instructions for how to care for your mouth if you get home. Patients are not recommended to sleep while the packing is in your mouth. It should be removed after a few hours, or as directed, and discarded. New packing may be applied at home if your mouth continues to bleed. Dr. Bigelow may prescribe a pain killer to help with any post-procedure discomfort. It is recommended that patients consume only soft foods following an extraction and that chewing occur on the opposite side of the mouth. Avoid drinking form a straw as well as anything that is hot or cold.

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