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pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

What Happens During a Children’s Dental Checkup?

At Midtown Richmond Dentistry, the Dr. Bigelow offers children’s dental exams or checkups to children of all ages. These evaluations help parents make sure that their children are maintaining the best possible oral hygiene and receiving routine cleanings during the entire course of their lives. These wide-ranging exams can identify the occurrence of gum disease or tooth decay in order to ensure it is treated before it spreads or gets worse. The checkup will start with the collection of medical and dental history from the parents/guardians. This will assist the doctor to distinguish potential concerns which could play a role in the child’s oral health. If a parent/guardian has observed a change in his or her child’s teeth or has any questions, the chance to discuss any concerns with the dentist will be provided. Once questions have been asked, the physical assessment of the teeth and gums will begin. During this assessment, the dentist will check for problematic areas. The parents/guardians and the child will then be informed what changes, if any, need to be incorporated into the child’s dental hygiene routine. If treatment is necessary, the dentist will discuss it with parents/guardians and it may need to start that day.

How Frequently Should a Dental Checkup Be Performed?

In accordance with the American Dental Association, Dr. Bigelow recommends that children undergo a dental checkup and cleaning every six months.

What Types of Things Can I Do to Keep My Child’s Teeth Healthy?

Maintaining good oral hygiene practices consistently is one of the best ways to avoid tooth decay and/or damage. Avoiding sugary foods and beverages as well as, regular brushing and flossing are tremendously important. Natural bacteria in the mouth love sugar, avoiding these substances will be best, or the child should at least rinse with water after consuming something sugary. Children should also wear mouth guards during sports or physical activities. If your child is prone to teeth grinding, it will also be beneficial to get them examined to see if there are any underlying issues causing the grinding. Chewing on ice and hard candy as well as using teeth to pry off lids can harm teeth, so assist your child to prevent this habit from developing.

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